To make more sales, we need to touch buyers' hearts AND minds. Enter emotional marketing.

Does this sound familiar?

✔️ You know you’ve got something incredible to share with the world.

✔️ You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when your product or program gets into the hands of the right person, it can alter the trajectory of their lives and businesses.

✔️ You know your stuff, but you also know it takes more than written words and pretty graphics to make sales. It requires touching your customers’ hearts AND minds. To make them FEEL and believe before they're ready to invest.

Use an emotional marketing strategy if you want to:

Sharpen your emotional intelligence and understanding of your audience's needs, desires, and feelings.

Amp up your communication game & articulate the emotional benefits of your offer like never before.

Foster enduring brand loyalty, creating passionate buyers who'll stick with you for the long haul.

Your experience as a consumer has taught you that truly irresistible offers not only intrigue customers but also tug at our heartstrings, align with our aspirations, and reflect our dreams.

That’s the type of powerful impression you want to make.

One that carries your people from discovering your product to falling in love with it, from purchasing it to getting the results they desire.

In other words, you want to build a unique and memorable customer journey that converts.

An intentional emotional marketing strategy is the move.

Boost sales by harnessing the power of emotional connectivity.

You may think that data-driven marketing is the only way forward, but research suggests that brands that connect emotionally can outperform their competitors by as much as 85% in sales.

Source: Harvard Business Review.

In one 90-minute session, we'll pinpoint the perfect blend of emotional appeal and persuasive tactics for your offer.

Together, we'll design a heart-tugging, unforgettable customer journey that turns curious onlookers into devoted clients.

You'll walk away with actionable insights in the form of an emotional marketing blueprint. 

A 10-page custom document you can use to make your audience feel inspired, empowered, connected and yearning for more.

You don't have to figure this out for yourself. Book your session below and I'll help you drench your offer in emotional appeal.


90-Minute 1:1 Session

Dive deep into your brand's unique challenges and opportunities with a personalized, 90-minute one-on-one session. Together, we'll uncover the emotional core of your marketing strategy, tailored specifically to your business needs.

10-Page Blueprint

Receive a comprehensive, 10-page Emotional Marketing Blueprint, meticulously crafted for your brand. This document will serve as your roadmap, guiding you through the nuances of creating emotionally resonant and impactful marketing campaigns.

7-Days Support

Benefit from an entire week of dedicated support following our session. This includes check-ins, guidance and accountability to ensure seamless implementation of your new emotional marketing strategy, helping you to navigate any challenges.

Canva Templates

Access a curated collection of customizable Canva pro templates, tailored for emotional impact in your marketing visuals. Easy-to-use templates are crafted to align with emotional marketing principles, ensuring your content resonates deeply with your audience.

Hello. I'm Sidneyeve.

Emotional Engagement Strategist and Graphic Designer.

Digital course creators rely on me to enhance their courses with powerful research-based emotional marketing strategy and irresistible graphic designs to open the hearts and wallets of their ideal clients.

With my unique emotional marketing strategy and enchanting graphic designs, you'll discover how to captivate your audience and make your course the one everyone's talking about.

Biz Coaching + Strategy for the Modern Creative

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Because every purchase decision is emotional.

You may think that consumers primarily make purchasing decisions based on logic and features, but research shows that 95% of buying decisions are made subconsciously and are emotionally driven.

Source: Harvard Business Review.

Emotional Marketing VIP Day


Paid in Full

  • 90 minute 1:1 strategy session on zoom to clarify your goals and opportunities
  • Done-for-you 10-page emotional marketing blueprint you can use to take immediate action
  • Curated Canva pro template collection you can use to increase the emotional appeal of your brand
  • 7 days support to make sure your questions are answered