Digital Courses That Captivate

Beautiful, Distinctive Course Branding

And unique, unforgettable course promotions.

We all know that launching your digital course requires a lot of creative design and strategy work: 

  • Webinar slides
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts & Ads
  • Banners & Thumbnails
  • PDF Lead Magnets
  • All The Other Small Moving Parts

And all of those assets need to be thematically and visually consistent, professional, intriguing and impressive.


In my Courses That Captivate Design Accelerator program and my Perfect Course Brand Workshops you'll learn to create a package of branded course assets you can use to make your course stand out and increase both sales & student engagement.

Plus you'll get support to create a perfectly unique, cohesive, coherent, and customized course brand ⎼ one that reflects your vision and values, one that you'll be proud to share.

Love the look & feel of your course.

Irresistible Digital Course Designs.

Graphic & Instructional Design by Sidneyeve

Your course assets, beautifully branded, visually cohesive, coherent, & consistent.


Having stunning promotional materials helps digital course creators who want to give their offering an edge in a crowded marketplace.

Using original, customized Canva templates in your perfect brand colors, we'll design your launch assets (think, webinar slides, landing pages, logos, social media posts, freebies, lead magnets, Kajabi sites) and get the entire bundle ready to share this month.

Your  launch materials, snazzed up & ready to share with prospective and current students.


In my courses and workshops or 1:1 coaching and design sessions, I will work with you to create an irresistible online course brand you feel really proud to show off and sell.

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the process of creating the design aspects of your digital course or membership program, you've found a solution. Work with me to optimize the design of your course offer to increase sales & engagement. This month.


"Thank you Sidneyeve ♡ You've given me so much insight and focus."


"Omg!!! SO worth it!!! Sidney will become your trusted confidante in course creating!"


"Amazing is an understatement!!! Everyone should do your program!!!"

All the pieces in place.

Support to Create Your Unique Course Brand & Perfect Launch Assets:

Stunning Sales Pages & Social Media Posts

Wickedly Great Webinar Slides

Lovely Logos & Lead Magnets

Beautiful Branded Course Bonuses

Your offer: inspiring, impressive & on the market this month

Fast-track your creative process

If you are a digital course creator launching a new offer and need help with strategy and design,  then you're in the right place.

When you work with me you'll be supported to set up your digital course branding and launch assets, so you'll be ready to go-to-market with a gorgeous and memorable offer. 

My courses, workshops and templates are built for fast-action-takers who appreciate design and want to go-to-market with a very snazzy offer this month.


"This program has helped me to define key elements of my course design. I’ve seen an increase in engagement since working with Sidneyeve and am so grateful for her support!"


"So forever grateful for everything you have helped me with! Highly knowledgeable of so many promotional avenues and strategies! Highly recommend for anyone considering your program!!"

Hello. I'm Sidneyeve.

I'm an online course creator and coach helping entrepreneurs create unique and captivating branding and promotions for their online programs.

When we work together on your course I bring to the table more than a decade of creative design experience building and teaching online courses.

I built this program around promotional design and branding strategy by leveraging my skills as a graphic designer, a certified business coach, a published user and learner experience design researcher and author, a Harvard-educated instructional designer and multimedia educational developer, and a tenured university professor of entrepreneurship and innovation.

I can help you identify opportunities to optimize your branding and positioning so students will find your course, love it, buy it, complete it, rave above it, and sign up for your next one. Nice!

Ways to Work With Me:

Create Your Perfect Course Brand

Next Workshop: 5 February 11am ET

Lost in Canva? Frustrated by Fiverr? You won't need to worry about it if you attend this workshop and implement my step-by-step process.

Learn with me for 1 hour, walk away knowing how to create a time-saving brand board using my Canva templates (which are included in the price).

Your perfect course brand, ready in one day. Launch snazzy!

$48 includes Canva templates

Courses That Captivate

Next class starts February 2022

This 30-day design accelerator teaches you to use emotional branding to enhance the look & feel of your course materials and promotions.

We cover how to design creative assets (like lead magnets) and experiences (like webinars) to make them memorable, unique, engaging, and successful.

Includes curriculum, Canva templates, and coaching (plus a free membership).

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"Sidneyeve saved my sanity and helped me get my course out there with great messaging, graphics and vision. Working with her has provided me a much needed life-line. I am streaks ahead of where I was and I couldn’t have done it without you Sidneyeve!"


"I can't recommend Sidneyeve enough. Grab your zoom call ASAP. I had postponed doing a newsletter for a month. Sidneyeve helped me get it off the ground in a day. Sent it out to twelve people. Now my list can grow. Such a big milestone for me."


"One of the smartest decisions I've made. This program helped me create beautiful branded pages and content for my course. I highly recommend it."

While you're here, please visit my Course Fancy Store and help yourself to free resources for digital course creators ♡

Show Me!

How to Attract More Perfect-Fit Students?

Design irresistible course promotions they'll love.


If you are looking to DIFFERENTIATE your course in a crowded market your branding needs to be uniquely YOU, consistent, coherent, and memorable. A tall order!

Your course brand also needs to speak to and resonate with your students. If you design your course materials & launch assets using an emotional branding strategy you'll find it much easier to make an impact and leave a strong impression.

Want to learn more about emotional branding? I offer a course on it: 

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